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Services: Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be useful when there is difficulty coping with major life events, challenges or needing to process trauma or grief and loss. This services is available for youth beginning at age 4.

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Parenting Support

Often times parents and guardians seek support in conjunction with their child(ren)'s individual therapy as they face difficult changes, transitions and losses such as divorce, death of a loved one, job loss and other difficulties that impact the children in their care and their ability to parent them. Parents and guardians may also seek support when a child in their care is struggling to manage their own mental health symptoms and it is impacting the family system as a whole and their ability to parent.

Therapy and Support Groups

Group options for both therapy and support can be effective as it connects the impacts of therapy with the support of others with whom a person has things in common with. We all do better with support from someone who can relate.

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Child Psycholgist

Assessments and Referrals

If you are uncertain as to what your child's needs are and would like to engage in an assessment of need and level of care needs there are a variety of options to establish best fit for care.

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