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Services Offered


Individual Therapy

People may find themselves seeking individual therapy due to difficulty coping with major life events, challenges or needing to process through childhood trauma. This services is available for people of all ages. People may be feeling symptoms of anxiety or depression or needing to challenge low self esteem, increase personal growth or increase their insight into their mental health symptoms.

Family Therapy

Families seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons.  Often times families seek support as they face difficult changes, transitions and losses such as divorce, death, job loss and other difficulties. Families can be made up of whomever one identifies as their family.
If you are a part of a family struggling to co-parent and/or are having difficulties functioning as a family, our Family Restoration Services, may be a good fit for you.  Please click above on the menu bar to be directed to the page for more information on this service and the difference of more general family therapy.

Couples Therapy

Couples may decide to seek therapy for communication issues, infidelity, difficulty with conflict resolution or difficulty with co-parenting. For couples therapy to be effective it is important that both people are willing to participate in therapy.