Rhea Simonson, MA, LCPC, CFTP, CATP

My name is Rhea Simonson, MA, LCPC, CFTP, CATP. When I took my graduate internship placement at a homeless shelter for youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota a world of deep motivation and focus overtook me. Through that internship process I found my calling of working with children, teens and families experiencing difficulties in regards to their mental health and life stability. I was introduced to and was able to see first hand how historical trauma continues to impact children throughout generations. 

When I graduated with my Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services in 2013, I gained experience working in a wide variety of positions that included working in a domestic violence shelter, working within the educational system, working within the juvenile justice system, working as a crisis response therapist, working in a day treatment facility and working within juvenile probation. The large majority of my experience has included working with children experiencing severe emotional and mental disorders and trauma that has deeply impacted their overall daily functioning. 

    Through my work experience, I have been able to hone my therapeutic approach based in attachment.  I believe that exploring a person’s attachment style, history, interruptions, and desires are vital to re-establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and connections. I believe that events throughout our lives impact our abilities to connect, cope, and succeed and sometimes it is hard to know how deeply events have impacted us. I function from the school of thought that our upbringings and our attachments shape who we are and how we handle stress in our lives. I am driven by a deep desire to assist children and their families/caregivers to flourish despite difficulties they maybe facing.  To better serve my clients, I am also a certified family trauma professional.  This allows for me to be up to date on continuing education around trauma and its impacts on both the individual and the family. 


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Dawn Brennan, MA, LCPC

Life can be bumpy. Sometimes you need to sit down, in a quiet room and say things out loud, sort through the piles of stuff getting in your way, and find a path through to the other side. All the puzzle pieces are there, you just need to find the edges and begin. Life is too short to be miserable - to feel guilt, shame, anger or hurt. It's time. Dawn has over 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults.  Dawn is a certified Gottman Couple's Therapist.