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Groups and Classes

Family in the Park

Parenting Support Groups

Being a parent of a child struggling with mental health symptoms can be extremely difficult and stressful.  Sometimes having a space to connect with other parents for support and ideas provides relief and hope.  Topic focus varies on need.

Currently there are no scheduled groups.  Please reach out if you have interest or need.

Reading the Quran

1-2-3 Magic Classes

This group provides structured guidance and support around the 1-2-3 Magic parenting approach. This is not a support group specific to exploring and supporting child behavioral issues. It is for educational purposes and support in implementation.

Please reach out for availability schedule.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Social Skills Groups

Sometimes kids need a little bit of help in learning how to interact with their peers as well as how to be a good friend.  This group provides supported interactions to learn and practice things like sharing, taking turns, conflict resolution and making lasting friendships with others. This group is offered in age groups 5-8, 9-12 and 13-15. Groups run as interest and need is present. Please reach out with questions or interest.

Group Hug

Teen Groups

Being a teen is hard. Therapy in a group format can be extremely helpful in exploring a variety of topics that are faced by teens. It provides an opportunity for them to learn and support others their age in a healthy environment. 

Currently there are no scheduled groups set to begin, please reach out if you have interest.

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